Climate Change vs. Celebrity Culture: Which Topic is Hotter?

Climate change threatens the entire existence of mankind, yet on the day when leaders at the G8 Summit agreed on reducing global emissions by up to 50 percent by 2050 – the dominant headline was that Paris Hilton was out of jail.

You gotta love our celebrity-obsessed culture. So we’re going to lose a few coastlines in the decades ahead, the more important discovery seems to be that Paris is going back to court in the morning. Enough about melting icebergs and give the world what they want – judicial warming on Paris’ case.

Peering into the future, we can expect the below stories to make the front pages. Which one will you care about more?

April 2027

“Venice Is Lost Forever” vs. “Suri Cruise Turns 21”

September 2045

“20 Hurricanes Slam the United States This Season” vs.

“Angelina and Brad Adopt 20th Child”

January 2062

“Paris Endures 10-Year Heatwave” vs.

“Paris Hilton’s Granddaughter Goes to Jail”



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137 responses to “Climate Change vs. Celebrity Culture: Which Topic is Hotter?

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