X Games Produced The Biggest (and Craziest) Sports Moment Over The Past Year

Put your helmet on when thinking about this one … What’s the biggest moment in L.A. sports over the last year? Some might say David Beckham’s arrival to play for the L.A. Galaxy, while others might point to the Stanley Cup won by the Anaheim Ducks. Fair arguments, but there was even a greater accomplishment that happened last year at the Staples Center during X Games 12.

For those not familiar with the annual event, X Games = Rally, Moto X, BMX and Skate + Maximum Adrenaline + Ambulances

Legends such as Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra and Jeremeth McGrath (“legend” meaning they have video games based on them); along with superstars such as Shaun White, Brian Deegan and Danny Way are just some of the guys who risk severe bodily injury to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Last year, someone reached it in LA.

A man named Travis Pastrana, now considered immortal among his fans and peers, accomplished the first double backflip ever in the X Games. This is the equivalent of breaking the single-season home run record or as others have noted, the four-minute mile barrier.

While Beckham’s 15 minutes on the field was a nice start to perhaps a new era in U.S. soccer, and the OC should be proud of the Ducks’ championship; there was no greater sports achievement over the last year in LA, than the double blackflip from Pastrana.

X Games 13 starts tonight at Staples Center and continues through Sunday at various venues, including the Home Depot Center, Huntington Beach Pier (surfing) and Long Beach Marine Stadium (wakeboarding). Tickets still available.



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