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Best Singles Scene: Bars, Clubs or Grocery Stores?

Meet for a drink … in aisle five? The Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks recently hosted a speed-dating event for singles and approximately 70 people showed up for fresh produce (of course, we had to go there). Is a grocery store the best place to find a date (not the fruit)?


Top 5 pickup lines overheard at Whole Foods:

5) Are those natural?

4) Is that an EARTH University banana from Costa Rica in your cart or are you just happy to see me?

3) I’m from LA. Are you locally grown?

2) I’ve been to Trader Joe’s. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

1) Would you vote for Barack or Hillary?


In the future, Whole Foods may want to host these events at its newly acquired partner, and former rival grocer, Wild Oats.

Disclaimer: I own Whole Foods stock.

Disclaimer Pt. 2: I may purchase more as a result of this discovery.


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