Hollywood Hills Burn, Sign Spared

Tourists looking up at the landmark Hollywood sign yesterday may have thought for a second that they were watching the production of “The Day After Tomorrow 2;” but the blaze was the result of teenagers playing with fireworks rather than any special effects team.  I originally thought Harry Potter dropped the goblet of fire.




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Fresh Pick for March 23-25: ‘The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down’

The best movie about the Los Angeles nightlife scene and the complex ritual known asboys-girls.gif talking to the opposite sex is “Swingers” featuring Vince “Double Down” Vaughn. The best movie featuring Los Angeles is “Chinatown” or “Heat” – but that’s another debate. A new movie opens today that hopes to challenge the eternal cool factor of “Swingers” among the Red Bull generation. “The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down,” playing at the Mann’s Chinese 6, is an intriguing title, but if you really need a guide you shouldn’t be going out in LA.

Let’s take a look at the movie’s synopsis: “Getting down, a well poured drink, drugs–preferably not the sketchy ones, bad boys, good boys, bad girls, good girls… to think of it, all boys and girls really, aquanet, booties, heels, did i mention getting down already? music. especially when it’s good and loud at a bar or club, rollerskates, voyeurism, and anything that compliments debauchery, really.” Maybe it’s the A.D.D.guy.jpg guide to getting down. I know a few people in LA who talk like that.

If you want to ask the cast and crew questions about the movie, you can meet (and party with) them tonight and tomorrow. First question: Did anyone not drink or use drugs during the making of this movie?

The promotional efforts behind this movie cater to the MySpace audience and there are some funny moments in the trailer (see below). The best part is definitely when the girl is yelling “I’m on MySpace” as she’s being carried away. We’ve all heard this line a thousand times, so maybe the movie is an accurate guide to LA, or maybe it just shows how “Swingers” is still the benchmark for getting down.

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The A380 Lands in LA, Wingspan Equals 37 Kobe Bryants

kobe.jpgDidn’t get a chance to go to LAX this morning and see the historic landing of the Airbus A380? The A380 has a wingspan of 261 feet and can carry 555 passengers or 400,000 snakes.

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Fresh Pick for March 16-18: St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

If you normally drink at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, you have reason to be excited, askissmeamirish.jpg thousands of others will throw rationality out the window and pull up a stool next to you. Whether you’re at Finn McCool’s or Molly Malone’s, raise your pint glasses and slur it with me …

“Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer – and another one.”

– St. Patrick’s Day toast

And if you’re not in Chicago to watch the magical transformation of the Chicago River, you can view the changing of the green here:

Editor’s Note: Shenanigan originates from the Irish sionnachuighim, meaning “I play the fox.”

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‘The O.C’ Cancelled, Then O.C. Home Prices Fall for First Time in a Decade


“You want to stay in Orange County forever? Grow old playing golf and chatting about the NASDAQ?”

– Seth Cohen on “The O.C.”

The median price for homes in Orange Country fell for the first time since Novemberbeach-oc.jpg 1996. While most people credit this decline to a cooling real estate market, and not the recent cancellation of “The O.C.” on FOX, others believe that this was not just a sunny coincidence.

mischa.jpgA few O.C. residents (or maybe just fans of the show) say the departure/death of Marissa Cooper sparked the downward trend to the $620,000 median price level that is hanging over Newport Beach like a dark cloud – similar to Trey, Ryan’s brother, who was released from prison in Season Two.

“I miss Marissa and I would love to live in Newport. I buy Bebe clothes in her memory.”

– Heather (tourist from Indiana)

“The O.C. was filmed on a sound stage in Manhattan Beach and the actual Cohen house is located in Malibu. Get a life people.”

– Max (real estate agent in Newport Beach)

“We moved to Berkeley at the right time.”

– Sandy Cohen



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LA vs. NY: Which City Has the Best Nightlife?

I love to travel, explore the world and dance at places that require minor miracles for a guy to gain entrance.  New York and Los Angeles may have the highest concentration of these “strict door policy” bars and clubs in this country, so I will affectionately call these cities the heart and soul of U.S. nightlife (Miami and Vegas get honorable mentions).

After a recent trip to Manhattan, I wondered whether or not the Big Apple eclipsed the glitz and glamour of our beloved Hollywood hotspots.  In New York, the club of the moment is arguably Marquee (once called the “hottest club in the known universe” by The New York Post), and in Los Angeles, the ongoing appeal of Area makes it this city’slindsay-lohan.jpg current champion (LA.com said it best: “Lindsay Lohan likes Area so much, she took a night off from rehab to party here.”)

Fresh Air LA is all about sharing the experience so we’ve posted videos from both Marquee and Area.

New York friends on the city’s nightlife:

“New York nightlife is like a whip-pet, fast and intense, leaving you craving more.”

– Nihalmarquee.jpg

“No glow stick twirling, velcro wall climbing, purple hypnotic sipping bull (expletive). Just under age drinkers buying overpriced bottles with underweight women dancing to over played beats … for two more hours than LA.”

– Manesh

Los Angeles friends on the city’s nightlife:

“There’s always somewhere to go and if by chance the place you go to sucks, there’s 20 other places to choose from.”areaoutside.jpg

– Narine

“Because clipboard guys prove that high school dorks will get a chance to turn the tables. And that men with little below can find work as bouncers.”

– Rebecca

I love my friends for their honesty and their unhealthy livers. Their combined experiences and bloated bar tabs makes me confident that nightlife in both New York and Los Angeles is still going strong, although I wouldn’t want to be a bouncer if Rebecca was waiting outside for more than 10 seconds.

So which city has the best nightlife? It really depends on where you are in each city, but if you’re at Marquee or Area, you’re on the path to a memorable night. Picking a winner is a tough call, but as Manesh pointed out, New York has a 4 a.m. last call. While extra drinking time can support the goal of reaching the ultimate hangover, the nightlife experience is defined by the people. Angelenos party in New York, and New Yorkers fly to LA to be in the scene. There’s an attraction from people on both coasts, since they realize that the best nightlife is being at the right place at the right moment with the right people.

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

paris.jpg– Paris Hilton


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Fresh Pick for March 9-11: My Chemical Romance & ‘300’

my-chemical-romance.jpgMy Chemical Romance plays two LA shows this weekend and Frank Miller’s “300”, a movie about the legendary battle between Spartans and Persians in 480 B.C., opens nationwide in theaters today. If the Spartans had iPods, I believe music from My Chemical Romance would be on most of them. Which of the following quotes are from the movie and which are from a hit song?


“Through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets.”

“Will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non believers, the plans that they have made?”

“Your misery and hate will kill us all.”

“Will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?”

Actually, these are all lyrics to “Welcome to the Black Parade” from My Chemical Romance’s latest album. They sound as if they came straight from the mouth of Spartan King Leonidas, trying to inspire his soldiers to glory.

The famous Helen of Troy, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta, ignited The Trojan War when300.jpg she was abducted by Paris. So is it just a coincidence that “Helena” is one of the songs that accelerated the rise to stardom for My Chemical Romance. My Spartan friends would raise their shields and sing, “So long and goodnight.”

My Chemical Romanceblack-parade.jpg

Saturday, March 10, 8 p.m. – The Forum, Los Angeles

Sunday, March 11, 7:30 p.m. – The Anaheim Arena


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